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Prescription Narcotic Painkillers (Opiate/Opioid Pain Medication) have become the leading cause of preventable drug overdose deaths in the United States and projectjj79 was created to help combat this deadly public  health issue.

Drug overdose death rates in the United States have never been higher. The rates have increased roughly 5-fold since 1990. This increase in drug overdose death rates is due largely to Prescription Narcotic Painkillers. Medical use of narcotic opiates as painkillers has increased at least 10-fold during the last 20 years. 

People who accidentally misuse Prescription Narcotic Painkillers have direct health care costs more than eight times of educated users. A conservative estimate of the cost to society in 2001 related to prescription opiate misuse (e.g. accidental or otherwise) in the United States was $8.6 billion.

Prescription Narcotic Painkillers drug overdose deaths can be prevented. EMT's and Physicians have been using Naloxone HCL as an emergency antidote to reverse symptoms of opiate poisoning and prevent fatal overdoses in the United States for decades.

Naloxone HCL packaged with an intramuscular syringe and/or intranasal atomizer device as a Take-home Kit, have been being distributed to illicit heroin users by Harm Reduction Outreach Workers under the provisions of Expanded Naloxone Programs in 11+ States for over 10 years.

It is a known fact, the world over, that Naloxone HCL is an evidence-based, cost-effective means of preventing fatal opiate drug overdoses and yet,  how many more Prescription Narcotic Painkiller users have to die before this life-saving emergency antidote is made available to them and their caregivers?

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